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     Since graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1985, I have maintained a full time practice offering conservative chiropractic care for all ages.  The primary focus of my practice was to identify spinal misalignments resulting in subluxations and apply varied techniques for the correction of those subluxations.  I use low force adjusting methods, a Thompson Terminal Point Treatment Table, lite massage, and trigger point therapy for that correction.  

     During my years in practice, I have seen a drastic change in the overall health of the average individual that enters my office.  Unfortunately, I can say it has not been a change for the good.  For the average individual, good health is no longer a given and it takes understanding, knowledge and discipline to gain and/or maintain “good health”.  The focus of my practice has changed somewhat to help my patients gain their maximum “good health”.  My first concern is still the detection and correction of spinal subluxations, but I also provide guidance and direction to help each individual patient so that he/she may enjoy the benefits of healthy living.    I have available a full line of quality supplements to address any nutritional concerns, access to lab tests to help identify deficiencies and any underlying disease processes, supports and bracing to assist the body until its own strength is re-established, and numerous rehabilitative and strengthening exercises.  It is my goal as a chiropractor, to give you all the help I can so that you can not only achieve good health but then maintain it.  In those cases where other disciplines of care are required, I have an established network of quality health care providers that I can and do refer to.